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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
The Space Force aims for new space systems to achieve space domain capabilities.
Neuromorphic processing power will unlock new capabilities in pattern recognition and autonomous tasking.
The Naval Center for Space Technology’s director highlights the programs and developments that are boosting Navy priorities.
U.S. Army Special Operations Command sees information warfare as a competitive advantage in future conflicts.
NRO will release an RFP by January 2023 as part of a wider DOD initiative to increase investment in satellite and satellite-adjacent technologies.
China might have developed a radar that can detect stealth aircraft using quantum physics.
Companies are deploying artificial intelligence without standardized ethics or measured implications.
Before a lunar landing, NASA is developing a reusable and open orbit architecture that requires more tech and collaboration.
The 3D-printed robot floats around and responds to spoken commands.
The agency created a fake website and rigged document to try to obtain an IP address.
AI is getting closer to natural language, thanks to industry advancements.
Trump administration wants Google, Microsoft and Amazon employees to take short government tours of duty.
Using a background in marketing and engineering to tackle procurement.
If you had to log back in recently, you may have been impacted.
It was the first civilian federal agency to get involved with hacker-powered security in 2017.
They’re using advances in biotechnology to extend the body’s capabilities.
Are machines more threatening to humankind than terrorism?
The threats looming in orbit, and the tech needed to thwart them.
It’s uncommon for a candidate to quit training so early on.