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Agencies passed FITARA 10.0 largely due to software licensing, Agile development and data center consolidation initiatives.
Leading the agency's DevSecOps practice requires addressing communication and culture challenges.
Taking an innovative approach to technical mapping of IT applications has proven a boon for agencies with intensive data requirements and fragmented legacy systems.
VA is moving to DevSecOps as part of its overall Digital Transformation Strategy.
The agency's SAM consolidation is helping the agency improve acquisition and IT efficiencies until 2022.
The platform allows apps to be managed and provides more oversight into agencies' data.
The defense organization is pushing new boundaries in its hiring and innovation practices.
The innovation team has focused on recruiting Air Force tech talent with an eye toward fostering broader change.
The newly inducted software executive will lead service initiatives to develop software more quickly.
Cybersecurity leaders across government point to penetration testing as a solution to identifying many IT vulnerabilities.
The Digital Health Pre-Cert Pilot Program continues despite commissioner's recent resignation announcement.
DARPA's Information Innovation Office seeks to balance hardware specialization and programmability in new program.
The agency embraces open source, agile software development and DevOps.