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Science & Technology Directorate

Michele Thomas discusses her career in government and what’s ahead in cybersecurity innovation for homeland security.
Leaders are focused on changing mindsets instead of buying specific tools for zero trust.
Department of Homeland Security teams are working to make aging IT infrastructure interoperable and ready for 5G emerging technology.
A uniquely positioned DHS S&T Center of Excellence contributed to the COVID-19 response this year.
A new center of excellence is employing emerging technologies to address domestic terrorism trends in the U.S.
CISA and a DHS S&T Center of Excellence will develop a nationwide network of cyber institutes for budding cyber professionals.
Local municipalities can better detect precursor chemicals from homemade bombs before they detonate.
The directorate's IT modernization efforts are still on schedule despite challenges amid the pandemic.
George Washington University's program will focus on transitioning security technology prototypes to usable products.
The Science and Technology Directorate continues to explore new ways to alleviate the pandemic.