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robotic process automation

The agency is using capacities like RPA to expedite FOIA review, decreasing the time between request and document release.
Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.
The agency kicked off its innovation competition with new RPA initiatives.
A lab within the Department of Housing and Urban Development is exploring how automation can impact financial and recruiting processes.
Foundational development in data quality can enable improved financial workflows and accountability through automation.
The IRS procurement chief is focusing on skilling and culture change for successful RPA adoption.
Automation programs are improving business processes and workforce productivity.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.
The federal community has gleaned similar benefits from automated functions.
Amid shifts in demands and increased digitalization, the IRS' procurement chief is overhauling the agency's acquisition culture.
RPA Community of Practice gathers experts to drive all-of-government progress with the technology.
Digitization of claims and records has led Veteran Affairs to more efficiently allocate benefits.
Robotic process automation has shown considerable promise for reducing the time necessary to validate federally managed benefits and streamline customer service.
How agencies are enabling mission success through robotic process automation.
The agency has outlined a dedication to fostering technical advances through a methodical approach to IT.
Various agencies are finding success in early use cases for AI, machine learning and RPA.
Emerging technologies and regional hubs are part of the solution to increase efficiencies in background investigations.
With a sign for a new wave for AI performing certain jobs, government agencies see value in bots.
Replacing repetitive tasks with automation can repurpose feds to higher-value work.
Healthcare industry is adopting AI tools and techniques thanks to data accessibility, but to truly reap the benefits, data needs proper governance.