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risk management

The Pentagon's Center for Calibrated Trust Measurement and Evaluation will address challenges around assessing its AI systems.
The list is a priority for organizations working to prevent cyberattacks in a heightened threat environment.
Defense leaders are eying better governance and risk management as policy around ethical AI shapes up.
The new framework aims to improve trustworthiness and governance of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.
Showing leadership the value of supply chain risk management is key for better cybersecurity and fewer cyber incidents.
Enabling data access, collection and protection can augment manual processes and keep systems secure.
As a founding visionary for its data strategy, Elizabeth Puchek discusses the importance of citizen development for citizenship services.
The project could bring visibility, reduced risk and cost-savings into HHS’s software assets.
Partnerships and collaborations will be priorities in advancing supply chain security for information and communications tech.
The FBI must strategize its IT modernization efforts while balancing crucial security responsibilities.
Shared services provide cost savings, but are not always the answer.
Cybersecurity leaders across government point to penetration testing as a solution to identifying many IT vulnerabilities.
Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra talks through the newest agency's focus areas and mission.
New technologies aren't the only focus for federal agencies to modernize.