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In this latest episode of the National Cancer Act miniseries, we discuss progress in cancer prevention research and practice.
The Million Veteran Program is expanding its scope of research and genomic database to better care for underserved populations.
Making the fight against cancer more equitable requires diversifying cancer research, clinical trials and treatments.
Clinical trials, innovation in research, and technology have improved cancer treatment and diagnostics in public health.
Emerging data and technology drives new health recommendations to address disease and preventive services.
NIDDK Director Dr. Griffin Rodgers talks COVID-19, disparities in health, and top priorities at the institute.
The Administration for Community Living is leveraging data to train AI algorithms that deliver a greater insight into adult mistreatment research and predictions.
The Jackson Heart Study is getting to the heart of how to bridge medical disparities in African American cardiovascular health.
Stillman College is promoting the role of HBCUs in bridging divides in American health care and research.
Support for cancer research could see boosts in the new presidential administration.
Safeguarding public health and managing care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The NIH institute serves a critical role in supporting researchers studying COVID-19.
Researchers are looking into digital resources to expand access to mental health care services.
Using artificial intelligence to facilitate biomedical research and combat the pandemic.
DNA analysis with electronic medical records can improve health outcomes for the U.S. population.
Accelerating biomedical research involves implementing collaborative digital solutions at NIH.
Data-sharing tools enable the agency to collaborate across the enterprise.
Cloud technology unlocks many benefits for health researchers across government.
National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.
The website is more important now than ever as it undergoes various modernization efforts.