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NASA’s procurement chief highlights the agency’s new Innovation Acquisition Launchpad, addresses tech challenges and outlines top priorities for 2023.
NASA's new framework will be key to achieving acquisition excellence, enhancing the procurement process and improving innovative practices.
DHS's Procurement Innovation Lab is now using artificial intelligence to assist agencies with testing and acquiring emerging technologies.
Join our senior researchers for a behind-the-scenes look at current IRS projects.
With nine projects underway, Pilot IRS is emerging as an avenue to procure key technologies quickly.
The IRS procurement chief is focusing on skilling and culture change for successful RPA adoption.
Amid shifts in demands and increased digitalization, the IRS' procurement chief is overhauling the agency's acquisition culture.
Procurement innovation and access to digital services are some of the agency's immediate priorities.
A returning leader hopes to bring agile best practices from defense to procure technology faster.
DHS and the IRS use the technology to streamline IT operations.
Improving acquisition for Soraya Correa means enabling the agency to better serve its national security mission.
The agency is considering human-centered design in its solutions that cut down manual labor and time.
Leadership is focusing on stabilizing legacy systems, the cloud, incremental change and Agile methodology.
Consolidating the multiple award schedule is a large feat, but will bring many efficiencies.
HHS hopes to change how the agency buys with technology.
GSA MAS Program Director Stephanie Shutt breaks down MAS Consolidation efforts and next steps.
Artificial intelligence and cloud computing offer great capabilities, but the federal government needs support from industry to optimize best practices.
The Pentagon should focus on increasing speed in acquisitions, industry leaders say.
Acquisition CTO discusses developments to improving efficiencies in acquisition through security and technology.
Among OMB's Lesley Field's priorities are improved communication and category management.