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CISA's new K-12 Report outlines what schools can do to better protect their systems from cyber intrusions and overall risks.
Lynette Sherrill outlines cybersecurity approach amid the growing threat environment.
Health and civilian agencies see major benefits from ICAM solutions, a pillar of zero trust, when protecting IT systems from phishing scams and fraudsters.
The agency turned a month-long cybersecurity initiative into a continuous effort as a reminder to the workforce on how to stay aware and protect the network.
One month on, mobile device security and video-teleconferencing platforms enter the spotlight.
Forward-thinking agencies face fewer vulnerabilities as attacks ramp up in intensity.
While mobile devices present greater access for agency workforces, they open up opportunities for cyberattacks.
And the methods used typically aren't that sophisticated.
Govies show the riskiest behavior in social media use, physical security and mobile computing.
These days, just about anybody can have the digital equivalent of nukes.
In this area, machines just might be able to do better than humans.