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opioid epidemic

NIH's HEAL Initiative is taking a multi-pronged approach to addressing pain management and opioid addiction and misuse.
Ongoing public health efforts are tackling COVID-19 and other health crises.
The president wants to further domestic tech innovation and advancements in opioid, mental health, veterans and cancer care.
The agency outlined plans to incorporate predictive analytics in comprehensive behavioral health treatment.
Leaders from government and industry rely on technology to overcome current drug crises and predict the next.
Renewing HTTPS certificates are not deemed essential, plus other news.
Advanced analytics and cloud-based sharing technologies can put available opioid-related data to use.
The department is embarking on an enterprisewide data strategy initiative.
HHS’ Beth Killoran said it requires more industry-government partnerships.
Claire Walsh from Excella Consulting said her team’s strategy was preparation and creating a solution with the widest impact.