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Policy changes and synthetic data could play a key role in eliminating risks while improving data access and security.
The data framework provides agencies with a universal platform to make data sharing more efficient.
The new data interoperability standards include 20 new data elements and one new data class.
Over 90% of hospitals nationwide rely on electronic health records, and HHS is making efficient access a top priority.
ONC leaders unpack the new frameworks and data standards that are creating an interoperability floor across the health care landscape.
Micky Tripathi unpacks ONC’s latest priorities aimed at creating standards to improve interoperability, including TEFCA and a new proposed rule on certification.
Over the next several weeks, the health care industry can comment on a proposed rule that boosts health legislation and improves EHR exchange.
Leaders from ONC discuss how the concept is using data standards to ensure data privacy and equity in health care.
Federal health officials from CMS and CDC are adopting USCDI standards to further public health interoperability and equity goals.
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT recognizes the first set of qualified health information networks approved to implement a new electronic health data exchange.
Health and civilian agencies expect to build off progress to improve health equity, smarter IT acquisitions and better customer experience through digital services.
A joint HRSA-ONC initiative is supporting interoperability and data exchange.
The agency is on the verge of releasing a department-wide data strategy while agencies continue focusing on cyber and CX.
The new data interoperability standard adds classes for health status, accessibility and health insurance information.
ONC's Micky Tripathi highlights how the foundation for interoperability that ONC has set is going to transform health data exchange and use in 2022.
The two agencies are working together on USCDI+, electronic prior authorization improvements and more.
Amid data challenges, CDC and ONC are working to modernize and drive interoperability.
The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement sets the ground for new strides in health data interoperability.
With social determinants of health and other new data standards, ONC hopes to increase health equity in the care setting.
ONC leaders discuss work around improved health delivery via data standards that are more representative of diverse populations.