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The plan is the latest in a series of directives that outline cybersecurity initiatives and responsibilities across 18 federal agencies.
A new memo outlines the key areas federal agencies will need to prioritize from the National Cybersecurity Strategy.
The White House released a memo outlining five cybersecurity areas federal agencies will need to prioritize as they make their budgetary decisions.
CISA's updated guidance provides more technical depth across the five pillars of zero trust and adds a new maturity stage.
The Department of Energy and the Social Security Administration look for strategic ways to modernize technical frameworks while operating on limited resources.
NIST is standardizing quantum-proof encryption algorithms to help federal agencies protect against quantum-based attacks.
Federal agencies will need to incorporate post-quantum cryptography into their data security frameworks to avoid potential cybersecurity risks from quantum computers.
Drew Myklegard moves from acting to permanent deputy federal CIO.
OMB’s new supply chain memo calls on agencies to utilize software that has been built following common cybersecurity practices.
The agency's chief records officer is ramping up electronic records management amid an approaching deadline.
Identity management, level of assurance and single source of truth are pillars of the zero trust approach to cybersecurity.
Former VA product lead takes on a new OMB role following the departure of Maria Roat.
CISO Gregory Edwards provides key considerations for contractors and other federal partners in helping the agency manage the new security requirements.
Customer experience leaders at CISA, GSA and OMB explain how they’re shifting strategies to support President Biden’s recent executive order.
The recent executive order has given shape to a broader move across federal agencies away from a reliance on perimeter security.
A new management supplement to the president's management agenda focuses on strengthening the federal workforce, improving program delivery and advancing equity.
Roat will retire from her position after spending over 40 years working in government.
Drew Myklegard and Eileen Vidrine join OMB OFCIO to support cybersecurity, data and IT modernization priorities.
An executive order calls on agencies to implement CDM among other cybersecurity measures like zero trust.
Agencies must meet new electronic record targets in 2022, as part of a move to a “paperless government.”