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DOD wants more visibility into the commercial cloud service provider side, rather than just the customer side.
Jorge Laurel unpacks NSA’s recently published document examining potential security threats to 5G.
NIST is standardizing quantum-proof encryption algorithms to help federal agencies protect against quantum-based attacks.
The Navy and NSA believe collaborative public-private partnership and training will significantly boost overall cybersecurity posture.
Hunt Forward Operations are allowing CYBERCOM to better operate and secure DOD’s information networks. 
CISA's Shields Up effort is here to stay as federal cyber leaders consider the future of cyber and national security.
Leadership from the FBI, NSA and CISA said information-sharing and stakeholder collaboration inform threat intelligence and national security response.
Cyber organizations are adopting zero trust and access management solutions to combat new ransomware threats.
The agencies examine 5G security risks, release best guidance to the public and help protect warfighter communications in a competitive landscape.
Zero trust continues to be a major hallmark of cloud security, which includes 5G networks.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning capacities are allowing analysts to produce quicker, more streamlined assessments.
The newly announced joint cyber effort is the latest in a series of new initiatives aimed at securing agencies, with CISA leading that way.
The Science & Technology Directorate sees improvements for quickly approving mobile apps for government use.
CISA and NSA provide guidance for how federal agencies can address critical vulnerabilities in their networks.
In the past year, agencies have cooperated on national security and security policy
The administration’s new American AI Initiative drew attention mostly for its cyber operations and security plans, but it also focused on healthcare and the need to infuse AI.
The FBI and others battle with keeping both the nation, and privacy citizen data, safe.
And the methods used typically aren't that sophisticated.
Rounding up tech-related news from one of the biggest information security conferences.