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The Naval Center for Space Technology’s director highlights the programs and developments that are boosting Navy priorities.
Enjoy this sneak preview of our July 27 GovFocus.
Vice Adm. Jeffrey Trussler reflects on IT modernization progress and the changing landscape of warfare.
The Naval Research Laboratory has been building robots to perform ship maintenance and repair fragile and expensive satellites to help sailors prioritize mission needs.
Outgoing Navy CTO Don Yeske looks back on progress in data sharing and tech modernization.
Defense tech leaders at TechNet Cyber 2023 explain how JWCC will build upon the military departments' ongoing cloud efforts and software factories.
Defense cyber leaders are honing in on cloud modernization challenges, JWCC and zero trust.
Digital twin technology, data and software tools play a leading role in helping the Defense Department meet its 2030 and 2050 climate strategy benchmarks.
Future Marines need to know how to shoot, move, communicate and code, according to software leaders at the Marine Corps.
The service requires connectivity, data and machine learning to modernize its expeditionary force.
On the anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, military tech leaders are focused on improving communication between the sister services and allied partners without sacrificing cybersecurity.
Partnerships are crucial enablers for helping the Defense Department counter growing threats.
The Navy’s tech strategy centers on modern approaches to unlocking data’s potential.
CIO Aaron Weis' take on a continuous ATO process includes moving to a currency mindset.
First of its kind strategy will guide the agency in achieving a more robust cybersecurity framework that will reduce risk and improve user experience.
Emerging threats against defense industrial control systems will have serious consequences if not addressed.
The strategy lists secure, survive and strike as the primary principles for defense in cyberspace.
Zero trust and a strong cybersecurity culture will help the Department of the Navy prepare its data for AI.
The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.
The Defense Department sees great advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to supporting its workforce and back-office functions.