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First of its kind strategy will guide the agency in achieving a more robust cybersecurity framework that will reduce risk and improve user experience.
Emerging threats against defense industrial control systems will have serious consequences if not addressed.
The strategy lists secure, survive and strike as the primary principles for defense in cyberspace.
Zero trust and a strong cybersecurity culture will help the Department of the Navy prepare its data for AI.
The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.
The Defense Department sees great advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to supporting its workforce and back-office functions.
Software factories push for culture and policy changes to help put the Defense Department on a faster track to integrating DevSecOps into its infrastructure.
The data platform is helping enable fast decision-making and advanced analytics across the enterprise.
The core of the shop's mission focuses on enhancing the service's development and acquisition amid DevSecOps transformation.
The Navy and NSA believe collaborative public-private partnership and training will significantly boost overall cybersecurity posture.
The service is expected to issue a memorandum regarding policies that will support the cyber ready concept and continue to grow the use of DevSecOps.
Many federal agencies are tackling identity, credential and access management solutions to help them in their new zero trust approach to security.
DOD leaders say you can't have JADC2 without zero trust and a "data-centric" approach to cyber.
The Navy is using ICAM and other tools to prepare its IT landscape for the new technology standard.
The Navy utilizes multiple training platforms to onboard a talent pool across its three domains of business, readiness and warfighting.
Network modernization efforts gain a large amount of momentum after Navy releases Information Superiority Vision document in 2020.
DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.
Tackling identity management within a zero trust strategy requires a culture shift.
Organizations should treat zero trust like a mindset rather than as a set of rules or tools.
The Army, Air Force and Navy's modern application practices are improving security postures.