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national security

Conner challenges the status quo on emerging technologies shaping security.
Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge discusses the evolving cyber threats he faced and how they've changed.
Krebs sat down for a discussion with the hosts of our podcast, Kiersten Todt and Roger Cressey.
Under its previous CISO, the agency was looking to automation and advanced security tools to help.
To make breakthroughs, it has to be adaptive and agile.
How data management and AI can help agencies attack diseases and identify terrorists.
Lumina Analytics uses AI systems to identify threats early.
And is incorporating emerging tech into future innovation plans.
It could play a key role in mitigating bad behavior.
Best examples of automation today and future demands of federal cyberwarriors
And how the Defense Department is working to keep pace with industry.
Why not turn to the crowd for some ideas?
"We need to recognize, especially in cyber, that we accept risk every day."
And to do so, it's taking a page from the startup world.
"It's when you believe in the ingenuity of the soldiers, things happen."
It’s a job too big, and far too broad, for just one government entity.
"We're definitely open [and] open for business."