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national security

The intersection of technology and national security is a top focus for the intelligence agency.
SBA CISO Beau Houser, DHS CISO Paul Beckman and USPTO CIO Jamie Holcombe discuss moving from a perimeter security model to one that balances security with access.
DHS Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra talks what agencies and industry can do to more accurately and efficiently manage risk and increase cyber resilience.
USCIS Cyber Defense Branch Chief Adrian Monza, USAF CISO Wanda Jones-Heath and FBI Senior Information Security Leader Manuel Castillo talk security for new and legacy infrastructure.
VA CISO Paul Cunningham, National Cancer Institute CIO Jeff Shilling and NewWave Director of Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture Johnathan Brett talk protecting point of care privacy through collaboration and data interoperability.
James "Hondo" Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition
The Office of Biometric Identity Management's new HART system, the largest of its kind, to help secure the nation.
VA CISO Paul Cunningham and USCIS CISO Shane Barney talk about staying ahead of the game and how their systems protect American citizens.
Protecting the nation's critical mission systems requires support from everyone involved.
The agency plans ways to incorporate user feedback and security testing throughout the development process.
Adoption of a commercial electronic health record will allow for fast adoption of emerging tech at the Defense Health Agency.
Pat Flanders discusses the work DHA is doing behind its electronic health record system and the areas of improvements in recent years.
The MHS Genesis program executive officer discusses electronic health record modernization and integration of medical and dental records.
Officials from Homeland Security, Army Research Lab and In-Q-Tel discuss the components of successful collaboration with industry.
Leaders from Army Research Laboratory, DHS and In-Q-Tel spoke about the programs to tackle national security challenges
The Department of Homeland Security is still considering AI kiosks at border control and customs checkpoints.
Working together to develop the technology also means paying heed to the ethics involved.
NGA Automation Lead Todd Myers, Cloudera Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson and Defense Innovation Unit Director of Strategic Engagement Mike Madsen speak about the challenges AI presents national security agencies.
Leaders from NSA, DISA, HHS and NGA, share their lessons learned and perspectives from across the tech and policy spaces.
Leaders from USDS working at VA, DHS and DoD spoke about how they incorporate security into their digital modernization programs.