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national security

Agency leaders encourage more women to join the technical workforce.
Congress is faced with new recommendations to advance AI for national security and talent development over the next decade.
CBP is using an integrated cloud approach in support of the national security mission across its agencies.
Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.
National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.
Several confirmed cases in DC area are prompting federal government to implement emergency working procedures.
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center emphasized the need for executive-level cyber education.
DHS leaders cite use cases in data management and resiliency.
Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.
Gerard Badorrek, Chief Financial Officer, GSA, speaks about the widespread adoption of robotic process automation.
Jose Arrieta's team is looking at innovative ways to stay ahead of security risks and keep the workforce trained on the newest systems.
The intersection of technology and national security is a top focus for the intelligence agency.
SBA CISO Beau Houser, DHS CISO Paul Beckman and USPTO CIO Jamie Holcombe discuss moving from a perimeter security model to one that balances security with access.
DHS Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra talks what agencies and industry can do to more accurately and efficiently manage risk and increase cyber resilience.
USCIS Cyber Defense Branch Chief Adrian Monza, USAF CISO Wanda Jones-Heath and FBI Senior Information Security Leader Manuel Castillo talk security for new and legacy infrastructure.
VA CISO Paul Cunningham, National Cancer Institute CIO Jeff Shilling and NewWave Director of Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture Johnathan Brett talk protecting point of care privacy through collaboration and data interoperability.
James "Hondo" Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition
The Office of Biometric Identity Management's new HART system, the largest of its kind, to help secure the nation.
VA CISO Paul Cunningham and USCIS CISO Shane Barney talk about staying ahead of the game and how their systems protect American citizens.
Protecting the nation's critical mission systems requires support from everyone involved.