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News and updates covering the National Institutes of Health. As one of the most productive biomedical research centers in the world, the NIH has continued to adopt new technology to accelerate its breaking discoveries in the fields of medical care and public health. In conducting research on a broad swath of sub-fields including addiction, cancer treatment, infectious disease and mental health, the NIH has continued to reform and build out its core IT to apply its proprietary information toward increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and data analytics projects.
Public health researchers are developing methods for better detecting and predicting dangerous forms of cancer.
As public sector organizations modernize, leadership ensures sophisticated IT enterprises facilitate data sharing that advances their core missions.
Federal agencies are focusing on data interoperability and knowledge-sharing partnerships to support increasingly advanced research initiatives.
Integrated EHR systems have shown considerable benefits for advancing both individual patient care and public health.
NIDDK Director Dr. Griffin Rodgers talks COVID-19, disparities in health, and top priorities at the institute.
Technology and data are helping health researchers personalize care for eating disorders.
Government executives recognize that process reorganization is necessary for leveraging new technologies.
Data-mining techniques will allow health researchers to sharpen COVID-19 literature and clinical trial database search results.
The $1B+ initiative seeks solutions that enable accessibility, scalability, mobility and the ability to share data.
The website is more important now than ever as it undergoes various modernization efforts.
The agency is using webinars and customer service tools to connect with industry professionals during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Data strategies are bringing together researchers to advance health science in areas like cancer.
Exploring the value of data in health science efforts across government.
The group will consolidate data and resources to research and develop COVID-19 pharmaceutical solutions.
The research will interact with participants virtually to shed light on the overall rate of infection across the country.
Technological solutions could provide relief to medical facilities in urgent need of necessary equipment.
The technology is one way to solve national shortages of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Leaders from health agencies across government are progressing in applications for the technology.
Role models are important to furthering the IT and tech workforce.
The agency's annual report shows initiatives driven by digital services, data and IT improving national health research and care.