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National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute director will step into the job that has been held by Lawrence Tabak on an acting basis for nearly two years.
The institute sees the emerging technology supporting treatment for patients by better controlling tumor growth.
Precision Oncology is helping NCI treat cancer based on specific genetic changes in a patient's tumor by allowing them to target mutations that will lower toxicity and improve overall effectiveness of the treatment.
New self-sampling technologies screening for HPV could help increase access and reduce cervical cancer among underserved and high-burden populations.
The competition aims to incorporate modern tools and data science into practice to enhance patients' quality of life.
Multi-cancer detection tests could be the key to finding certain cancers earlier, screening for multiple cancers at one time and boosting overall survival rates.
Dr. Monica Bertagnolli's nomination comes less a year after she joined NCI as director and amid a reignited White House Cancer Moonshot initiative.
Health researchers are applying psychology and emerging technologies to help better track melanoma incidents, assess UV exposure and promote sun safety policies in schools.
The National Cancer Institute highlights the collaborative tools and initiatives for improved screening, treatment and outcomes for cancer patients.
The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program is kicking off new data initiatives to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of cancer.
The National Cancer Institute's Center for Global Health is embracing health equity and developing new technologies to advance cancer research and decrease cancer deaths worldwide.
NCI is researching the role of telehealth in cancer care and developing best practices for continued integration.
The SBIR center takes a comprehensive approach to fostering underrepresented small businesses.
The Office of Cancer Survivorship takes a comprehensive look at cancer survivor care.
Public health researchers are developing methods for better detecting and predicting dangerous forms of cancer.
NCI is pushing the "bench to bedside" paradigm to bring medical advances into the clinic.
An NCI study examines the crossroads between cancer and COVID-19 diagnoses.
A recent NCI study explores new immunotherapy treatment for metastatic breast cancer.
Stay tuned for our monthly Cancer HealthCast miniseries to follow the future of cancer research and innovation.
At the end of April, Principal Deputy Director Dr. Douglas Lowy will serve as acting director.