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Federal Mental Health Care News and Analysis

Federal agencies dedicated to mental and behavioral health care have given particular focus to integrating digital modernization within their treatment and research programs. Agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services have redoubled their mental health care efforts through initiatives ranging from telehealth counseling to the application of AI and complex analytics toward research on PTSD, traumatic brain injury and addiction treatment. Our reporting covers this large-scale integration of IT modernization with mental health care as well as interviews with decision-makers leading these new developments across the U.S. federal government.
Technology plays a critical role in addressing significant mental health challenges for cancer patients during the pandemic.
Looking ahead to the future of American health care.
With an uptick of mental health disorders during the pandemic, officials are scaling up tech to meet demand for care.
Researchers are looking into digital resources to expand access to mental health care services.
Proposed legislation aims to expand VA mental health services.
The agency is expanding community care and services for veterans in crisis.
The Army has adopted the technology, especially in mental health care, as DHA has advanced telemedical capabilities
Digital technologies can enhance how clinicians care for mental illnesses.
In recognition of mental health awareness, tech has much potential during the pandemic's self-isolation practices.
The social media conglomerate will be donating Portals video-calling devices to veterans and their families amid the pandemic.
Telehealth and app improvements are impacting how government addresses stress management.