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Government is on a mission to address health disparities and close gaps through technology.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is utilizing cloud to eliminate silos and significantly improve data sharing and cataloging across the agency. 
New upcoming measures will sharpen quality of care for Medicare patients.
The data store is driving personalized and omni-channel experiences for Medicare beneficiaries.
Audits and evaluations are helping the agency detect and prevent identity fraud.
The agency's CISO discusses how the agency's 'Batcave' modeled after Platform One will transform security approaches to software development.
Tax credits and health equity are addressed in the new stimulus plan starting April 1.
The toolkit aims to help states form regulatory frameworks for telehealth coverage for Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.
The portal will help reimburse providers billions of dollars across the country.
The agency added 80 more telehealth services that beneficiaries can access to ease patient and provider experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic.