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Medical Devices

The emPOWER Program uses data and AI to help protect the health of millions who depend on medical devices.
VA is turning to data standards to improve health care as more veterans use personal health monitoring devices.
VA is collaborating with industry partners to develop innovative health care solutions and innovations.
The second episode in the CyberCast Ransomware Miniseries dives into how FDA is protecting hospital networks and patient data from evolving cybersecurity threats.
FDA’s FY 23 budget request asks for additional funds to build upon IT modernization and align cyber practices.
A newly created role overseeing the agency's medical device office is tackling evolving health priorities.
FDA is developing new guidance for medical device security as the cyber threat landscape expands.
With novel health solutions, drug manufacturers undergo a strict process to get their products to market.
Agency leaders helped lead FDA’s COVID-19 emergency response and improved processes to expedite delivery of critical medical supplies.