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Shifting working environments and mandates across the federal government presents unique challenges and opportunities for women.
The U.S. Senate confirmed Joshua Jacobs Wednesday as VA’s new undersecretary for benefits amid the PACT Act implementation.
A lot of innovative work happens within the federal government, but it struggles with its messaging to attract the talent it needs.
Federal leaders highlight challenges to getting more women into government and how to foster a strong work culture where women can flourish.
Recent appointments show growing priorities around emerging technologies and maintaining a national strategic edge. 
This National Hispanic Heritage Month, leaders from FDA and VA discuss how they are prioritizing diversity efforts.
Join our researchers for a discussion on the top takeaways from summer 2022.
The Army is focusing on leadership and building a culture of trust with soldiers while upscaling its workforce and AI capabilities.
The agency wants its workforce to be ready and trained as it integrates new technology.