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Kessel Run

Teaching military service members to code could be key to winning future conflicts as software continues to influence the course of the Russia-Ukraine war.
Kessel Run has been quietly proving how achieving a software-empowered organization transforms all facets of warfighting operations.
Air Force software factory Kessel Run replaced the 609th Air Operations Center's legacy IT battle management system with its new suite of software applications, called KRADOS.
The core of the shop's mission focuses on enhancing the service's development and acquisition amid DevSecOps transformation.
User analytics and AI help Kessel Run improve product design by quickly identifying and analyzing user behavior.
Kessel Run leader says cutting-edge cyber solutions are all about self-healing.
A new kind of collaboration allowed to host 100 million unique digital users per hour.
Kessel Run, DOD's first software factory, is about to help one air combat command unit move all operations to a software environment designed via DevSecOps.
AI workforce experts highlight the importance of diversity and robust education development to foster a stronger AI workforce.
Kessel Run hopes its work will encourage more collaboration across the Defense Department.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.