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The Navy utilizes multiple training platforms to onboard a talent pool across its three domains of business, readiness and warfighting.
Three of the agency’s biggest tech offices will all report to the new role.
A new Chief Digital and AI Officer will streamline and build upon AI efforts across DOD like those in the Air Force.
JAIC is hopeful an increase in AI opportunities will enable the services to leave behind a hardware past and embrace a software future.
Military services are using automated development practices in the adoption of new technologies and to safeguard IT security.
Data readiness and cultural change are key to a successful AI program.
Partnerships are enabling well-rounded capabilities at GAO, GSA and State.
The agency's contracting and development process reforms lead to quick turnarounds for artificial intelligence capacities for the American warfighter.
Defense Innovation Unit is bringing commercial AI technologies across DOD to improve mission capabilities.
The JCF aims to leverage cloud platforms and data to enable open-access development of AI across the military.
The project exemplifies the direction the center is taking to make AI operational across the Defense Department.
The agency is following DIB's recommendations for the technology.
DOD's AI center is helping GSA implement AI across government.