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IT transformation

The pandemic has increased awareness around rural health inequities via increased public communication and technological tools.
The department released an action plan to address health care and technological disparities facing rural communities in response to the pandemic.
The largest public research university in Virginia is depending heavily on virtual learning, and these changes may be here to stay.
The agency is updating its guidance around vaccine authorization and will require investments in technology for its distribution.
Lauren Knausenberger will lead the service's SAF/CN office to drive innovation and digital experiences.
Federal leaders reflect on the benefits of cloud for ongoing telework capabilities.
COVID-19 has highlighted opportunities in public policy and supporting public-private efforts.
The website is more important now than ever as it undergoes various modernization efforts.
The agency is using webinars and customer service tools to connect with industry professionals during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The Small Business Administration is among the agencies transforming legacy architecture.
Technological solutions could provide relief to medical facilities in urgent need of necessary equipment.
The collaborative effort combines the compute-power of multiple systems to progress worldwide, scientific discovery.
The agency is putting public health announcements, guidelines and facts on COVID-19 front and center.
The pandemic sheds light on what health agencies have been developing to enable faster health-data exchanges for patients and providers.
Organizations are transitioning to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The rules require patient health information sharing among providers for improved patient care.
The agency is considering human-centered design in its solutions that cut down manual labor and time.
The agency is implementing blockchain along with other tech to modernize the current system.
The agency released a final strategic report suggesting ways to relieve provider EHR burdens and improve care.