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IT modernization

News and analysis covering IT modernization across the U.S. federal government. Rapid advances in business-applicable technology has spurred widespread reform of core IT systems, with government decision makers endeavoring to adapt new technologies to essential agencies. Organizations tasked with missions ranging from defense and intelligence to scientific research and health care continue to execute modernization initiatives that bring their agencies up to speed on the latest developments in data analytics, AI and information security.
Leveraging the cloud is also part of FDA’s strategic plan.
Pulling it off could set the stage for more holistic VA care.
But do we treat them as pseudo people or IT assets?
Some agencies fail in data center consolidation and software license inventory.
Director of Military Health System at DHA
CIO, Marine Corps
VA CISO discusses how to balance security with quality of services.
HHS CTO Bruce Greenstein discusses agency plans to streamline services and incorporate new technology.
HHS CIO discusses the vital role the agency will take in overall U.S. government tech modernization.