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internet of things

Blockchain and 5G are among priorities agencies are exploring for election security and cyber risks.
President Trump noted several areas of accomplishments, including VA reforms and research efforts.
The real potential for change is in meaningful implementation of new technologies.
The standards agency is looking to combine private-public partnerships with a regimented approach to the internet of things.
Major geopolitical threats target individuals at the focal point of security, experts say.
Agencies look to make electromagnetic-spectrum sharing more efficient as the number of connected devices grow.
Representative Will Hurd continues to advocate for federal IT reform, including for AI, cybersecurity and telecommunications, in 116th Congress.
It was the first civilian federal agency to get involved with hacker-powered security in 2017.
It's in the name of public safety.
Knowing what’s likely to happen soon is always a great idea.
Agencies are adopting industry-led architectures and capabilities to improve citizen services, Accenture report shows.
New report shows growth for the global tech industry this year.
Two-thirds of the country’s roads and over 140,000 bridges desperately need repairs.
Patients empowered by tech will have care at their fingertips.