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U.S. Intelligence Community News and Analysis

New and analysis covering IT modernization and information security across the U.S. intelligence community. Considering the sensitive and complex nature of the U.S. intelligence community’s mission, technology adaptation and cybersecurity remain essential mission areas for wings of the federal government tasked with covert intelligence collection and dissemination. The adoption of increasingly sophisticated data science methodologies remains vital for agencies engaged in some of the U.S. government’s most analytically intensive work, while integrating artificial intelligence methodologies and advanced encryption are increasingly essential for agencies handling sensitive information.
Staff Writer Anastasia Obis and Managing Editor Ross Gianfortune talked about the framework and how the Intelligence Community is looking to adapt to the changing world.
ODNI highlights recent cyber trends and their impact on national security.
As threat volume and complexity grows, National Intelligence Director Avril Haines calls for greater collaboration to strengthen cybersecurity efforts.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning capacities are allowing analysts to produce quicker, more streamlined assessments.
The Defense Department and the Intelligence Community review ‘mission-critical’ and classified work.
The new CIO discusses how his intelligence-community experience will inform IT efforts at the agency.
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center emphasized the need for executive-level cyber education.
Christopher Krebs advocates for a long-term, actionable plan to support state and local electoral commissions.
The intelligence research organization head talks her passion for solving problems in the intelligence community and how its outcomes go beyond national security.
They share a list with terrorism, climate change and nuclear weapons.
Gartner projects that governments will adopt private cloud at twice the rate of public cloud.
With midterms quickly approaching, DHS launches coalitions, task forces and governmentwide initiatives to thwart another Russian election meddling.
Officials see major improvement opportunities in fusing AI algorithms
Predicting the future, of course, is a tricky business, one wise sages have warned against for millennia.
These days, analysts have a lot to digest.
Government officials say working with startups improves tech adoption rates.