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Commander Gen. Glen VanHerck said intelligent automation better protects the homeland by promptly disseminating raw data throughout the world.
Connected capabilities can improve mission activities, but requires the right infrastructure, security and governance.
The agency turns to industry amid a health records transformation and 'plug-and-play' capabilities.
Workforce absence due to unprecedented Omicron wave has caused a delay in certain VA health care reforms.
CIO Jeff Shilling shares how cloud infrastructure is supporting data-sharing across the cancer research community.
The new legislation also builds on White House infrastructure goals to improve health care, drug development and more.
Zero trust and infrastructure security measures gain traction across government.
IHS's acting director spoke on the current state and future needs of the agency as Congress considers the FY 2022 budget.
Secretary McDonough and Rep. Mark Takano say the proposed bill would overhaul the agency’s infrastructure and health care facilities.
Smart federal investments in technology and R&D are necessary for advancements in the digital era.
VA, USCIS and CMS tech leads are streamlining processes in an effort to enhance security practices.
A day in the life of an OpenShift operations expert.