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information sharing

As threat volume and complexity grows, National Intelligence Director Avril Haines calls for greater collaboration to strengthen cybersecurity efforts.
DOD leaders say you can't have JADC2 without zero trust and a "data-centric" approach to cyber.
Cyber incident reporting takes center stage as federal cyber leaders tackle recent security incidents.
Department of Homeland Security teams are working to make aging IT infrastructure interoperable and ready for 5G emerging technology.
DHS and CISA want to lead the federal register and private industry by example.
Information-sharing and defending health care from threats are some security initiatives at the agency.
If a health entity isn’t sharing information, it falls into one of these categories outlined by the Office of the National Coordinator.
“We must move beyond routine information sharing,” said Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
Advanced analytics and cloud-based sharing technologies can put available opioid-related data to use.
If cyber adversaries don't discriminate between borders, the government shouldn’t, either.