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Immigration and Customs Enforcement

With one authority largely used during the pandemic about to expire, the agency is modernizing tools and processes to prepare for heightened immigration surges.
Cybersecurity, AI and health IT are major focuses in this year's budget proposal.
DHS embraces automation on zero trust journey as they continually make efforts to provide their mission space with the capabilities that they need.
Eric Hysen brings his experience at USCIS to a reimagined office focused on cybersecurity and data management.
Public and private data leaders say data security and data readiness are not mutually exclusive.
The HSI Tip Line plays an important role in ICE investigations, but has relied on outdated IT infrastructure and manual processes.
As cyber crime explodes, cyber experts and federal cyber leaders insist on systemic change.
ICE and NCITE, a DHS S&T COE, highlighted the ways AI can support DHS mission integrity.
The Cyber Crime Center outlines how cyber criminals are using the dark web to commit pandemic-related scams.
ICE and TSA share lessons learned in data practices after migrating to the cloud.
ICE and USCIS have advanced their data strategies with automation over the past year.
A uniquely positioned DHS S&T Center of Excellence contributed to the COVID-19 response this year.
DHS and ICE are standardizing best practices in how they are approaching data policies and use.