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human-centered design

Analysts say the next phase of digital transformation will incorporate mission-focused and empathetic design in the age of AI.
The agency recognized recent programs during an event at its health care facility in Palo Alto.
The inaugural Health Tech Equity Working Group report outlines challenges and best practices as the government aims to make health services more equitable.
VA is leveraging human-centered design to modernize for the veteran experience, according to VA tech leaders at the 2023 HIMSS conference in Chicago.
VEO’s Executive Director of Multi-Channel Technology talks the latest developments bolstering the veteran experience.
Social Security Administration Acting Chief Business Officer Eric Powers explains the redesigned site and discusses tech supporting the effort.
2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.
Focus on addressing prior lapses in services and care access have led to increasing veteran satisfaction.
VA’s CDO Kshemendra Paul said cybersecurity and zero trust require effective data management.
The bureau's new reference tool transformed users' information access.
VA innovation specialist discusses the importance of communicating value of human-centered design to senior leadership at the 2022 Government UX Summit.
Digital service leaders discuss the progress in a program that aims to have an online remembrance platform for every veteran interred in national cemeteries.
VA’s acquisition head says ‘Agile is old news,' and the agency is now turning to ‘technology-as-a-service.’
VA is honing in on interoperability to serve as the foundation of key programs like EHR modernization.
Modernized software development frameworks are leading to improved customer experience.
Joseph Thele and Mark Ricciardi explain how they plan to modernize VA HR systems.
FDIC’s Brian Whittaker unpacks his efforts on key modernization projects that are ultimately improving trust in government.
Samara Strauss discusses how VA's digital services team is leveraging human-centered design to improve veterans' experience and services.
The strategy involves working continuously with the customer, starting small and scaling upon success.
Brynn Cole breaks down how the department is scaling human-centered design to improve health care delivery and solutions.