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Federal health agencies are developing increasingly sophisticated methods for detecting fraud and other forms of financial crime.
CMS’s 'organizational surge' more than its 'technical surge' was the key to fixing the website.
The agency is on the verge of releasing a department-wide data strategy while agencies continue focusing on cyber and CX.
HHS, CMS and VA have spoken out about recent Supreme Court rulings concerning Roe v. Wade.
The health agencies celebrated their progress at the annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards and eyed future advancements in patient accessibility, IT efficiency and research.
It's critical to identify business use cases, sharpen data quality and governance, and work with end users to help improve AI adoption.
Federal CIOs see the executive mandates as north stars for their internal strategies.
Ongoing public health efforts are tackling COVID-19 and other health crises.
IT has a big role in HHS's proposed budget to boost various responsibilities in public health management as well as access to health care.
Internal consultation on use cases, integration within existing services allows agencies to best position new capacities to modernize their organization.
Tackling identity management within a zero trust strategy requires a culture shift.
Mathias leaves U.S. Marshals Service to join HHS as CIO on March 14, and CAIO Oki Mek departs after over 11 years at HHS.
Federal technology leaders outline the connection between workforce and CX to improve mission outcomes.
Enabling data access, collection and protection can augment manual processes and keep systems secure.
The playbook looks to promote ethical and successful AI adoption across HHS.
Smarter modernization, data, automation, as well as customer and digital services will see the spotlight in 2022.
Foundational development in data quality can enable improved financial workflows and accountability through automation.
Oki Mek shares how the agency is gearing up data efforts for a collaborative approach to AI.
Recent lessons learned and efforts to quickly stand up data platforms are contributing to future strategic goals around data.
Federal policies are enabling agencies to build data-driven cultures in support of data modernization efforts.