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The legislation set the foundation for the future of the war against cancer.
NCI’s SEER and CIS programs encourage ongoing engagement to further data sharing goals.
VA is using 5G to move into the next phase of its health care modernization.
The agency's IT office supported remote work amid COVID-19 and is carving a path for the future of work at NIH.
How NCI-designated cancer centers are supporting the national fight against cancer.
VA's Geo Stent program is applying medical 3D printing to treating rare audiological conditions.
Data, communications tech, next-gen DNA sequencing and more have helped accelerate NCI's mission over the past 50 years.
The agency is exploring the use of augmented reality for conditions ranging from anxiety and PTSD to chronic pain management.
Newly confirmed CIO Vid Desai discusses how his role has evolved following the creation of FDA's Digital Transformation Office.
The agency’s Evidence Synthesis Program analyzes large quantities of clinical data to better understand common conditions and provide more effective care to VA patients.
In this episode of our National Cancer Act 50th anniversary miniseries, we dive into how NCI is fighting pediatric cancers.
The Government Accountability Office has provided oversight over COVID-19 amid the challenges the pandemic has created.
A Presidential Innovation Fellow is helping the agency improve workflows and ultimately ensure safety of the drugs and treatments it regulates.
In this latest episode of the National Cancer Act miniseries, we discuss progress in cancer prevention research and practice.
The data chief is aiming to make veteran data integrated across the agency and its partners.
The organization is prioritizing various tech initiatives that enhance veterans care.
VA is leading collaborative tech sprints in partnership with academia and the private sector to innovate new uses of artificial intelligence for healthcare and diagnostics.
The agency is integrating new technologies and policies to connect veterans with health experts and innovative care solutions throughout and beyond COVID-19.
The Million Veteran Program is expanding its scope of research and genomic database to better care for underserved populations.
Making the fight against cancer more equitable requires diversifying cancer research, clinical trials and treatments.