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VA is automating the verification of health claims through using an integrated data model that combines both service records and patient data.
TATRC established the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network to make critical care expertise more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
DHMS' Holly Joers provides updates on EHR roll out and outlines next steps.
We get an on-the-ground perspective of how health IT is impacting medicine at the point of care.
ONC's Micky Tripathi highlights how the foundation for interoperability that ONC has set is going to transform health data exchange and use in 2022.
Brynn Cole breaks down how the department is scaling human-centered design to improve health care delivery and solutions.
Amanda Purnell Unpacks VA’s "Arches" that uses synthetic data to improve veteran care.
Telehealth leads Neil Evans and Leonie Heyworth discuss how VA has leveraged lessons learned from COVID-19.
FDA's Heather Agler from CDRH talks leveraging lessons learned from COVID-19 to improve supply chain resiliency and develop new solutions.
VA has debuted a new management structure to streamline the implementation of its modernized electronic health records system.
A newly created role overseeing the agency's medical device office is tackling evolving health priorities.
A new program aims to change the way we think about dietary needs and impacts.
Health equity and inclusivity are driving how these VA leaders are advancing care for women veterans.
The National Library of Medicine has collected and provided COVID-19 literature, clinical trial information and more to help us overcome the pandemic.
FEHRM director unpacks lessons learned from 2021 and discusses how EHR leaders will use momentum to drive successes into the new year.
The institute's BioData Catalyst program is live for researchers to access and share data.
FDA is developing new guidance for medical device security as the cyber threat landscape expands.
The agency's program is bringing life-changing prosthetics services to veterans in remote areas.
The technique aims to treat some diseases by gene replacement.
The agency is taking a forefront role in advancing treatment and management of an often complex condition.