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VA’s Dr. Michael Kim explains recent programs and pilots informing the future of AI in veteran health care.
Dr. Neil Evans explains how VA is approaching telehealth to close the digital divide in the hybrid health care environment.
With the Health and Benefits mobile app hitting 1 million downloads, tech is enabling access to key services.
The National Cancer Institute's Center for Global Health is embracing health equity and developing new technologies to advance cancer research and decrease cancer deaths worldwide.
Ian Komorowski breaks down how the agency identifies and funds new projects in health IT to improve veteran care.
Kristen Finne breaks down a decade of growth with the HHS emPOWER program.
The emPOWER Program uses data and AI to help protect the health of millions who depend on medical devices.
White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator breaks down a flight path for the future of cancer care transformation.
VA's Gil Alterovitz discusses new strategies aimed to make AI development ethical and trustworthy.
Join our researchers for a look back at 2022’s top health IT trends and what to expect in 2023.
The agency is the latest to the join the interoperable single record for service members.
Data is helping health clinicians improve drug addiction treatment.
AI Lead Gil Alterovitz explains VA's National AI Network, recent policies and progress.
NCI is studying the relationship between cancer and aging to help survivors lead longer, healthier lives.
The Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics is boosting data operations to support federal and local governments in health crises.
VA's Undersecretary for Health discusses goals and priorities in his new role.
NCI is researching the role of telehealth in cancer care and developing best practices for continued integration.
A series of research initiatives use artificial intelligence to better understand the long-term impacts of traumatic brain injury.
The SBIR center takes a comprehensive approach to fostering underrepresented small businesses.
VA is expanding services and treatment for veterans who suffered adverse health consequences from exposure to harmful substances during tours of duty.