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The changing landscape of public health requires new ways of approaching data, patient care and technology.
Precision Oncology is helping NCI treat cancer based on specific genetic changes in a patient's tumor by allowing them to target mutations that will lower toxicity and improve overall effectiveness of the treatment.
The program is closing the gap in getting veterans to their health care appointments.
Researchers are honing in on modernizing therapy for rare cancers that affect children.
The agency is improving the way clinical data is linked to patients and making genome sequencing data more available to researchers.
The agency’s ‘Moving Forward’ strategy is reshaping IT and improving the way data is shared across the public health ecosystem.
The competition aims to incorporate modern tools and data science into practice to enhance patients' quality of life.
Join our hosts for a deep dive into our Health Tech Equity working group’s bias identification tipsheet.
With a new path forward, VA Deputy CIO Laura Prietula discusses next steps for its Oracle-Cerner EHR system and rollout.
Multi-cancer detection tests could be the key to finding certain cancers earlier, screening for multiple cancers at one time and boosting overall survival rates.
Enjoy this free preview of our May 11th GovFocus with NAII Director Gil Alterovitz and Dr. Sameer Antani, “Federal Health Tech Leaders Combat AI Bias.”
Our group of federal leaders met to discuss how government can mitigate bias and develop better standards to deliver more equitable health care.
Micky Tripathi unpacks ONC’s latest priorities aimed at creating standards to improve interoperability, including TEFCA and a new proposed rule on certification.
The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences is facilitating cloud to provide secure data to researchers, address long COVID and improve overall public health.
Health researchers are applying psychology and emerging technologies to help better track melanoma incidents, assess UV exposure and promote sun safety policies in schools.
Researchers highlight how the Secure Federated Data Sharing System is enabling interoperability across disparate sources.
FEHRM and DHMS PEO provide the latest updates on the federal EHR rollout and discuss next steps, aimed to enhance the patient experience.
An NIH data scientist is creating more meaningful clinical analysis of EHR and patient data.
VEO’s Executive Director of Multi-Channel Technology talks the latest developments bolstering the veteran experience.
Catch up on the federal health IT trends over the past year and what to expect at this year’s conference.