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Federal Health IT News and Analysis

GovernmentCIO Media & Research is dedicated to covering the latest news and developments in federal health IT modernization, encompassing ongoing stories ranging from electronic health records implementation, the application of data analytics to public health quandaries, to the development of AI and machine-learning techniques in pursuit of advanced diagnostics and medical treatment. Advances in federal health IT has a wide-ranging impact on the lives of Americans, and digital modernization has continued to apply these technological advances to public health and medical services that impact the lives of millions every day.
Advocates want less advantaged academic institutions to have a larger presence in government contracts.
NITAAC Acting Director Brian Goodger explains next steps and updates to the $40 billion contract vehicle.
Public health officials learned a lot from the pandemic, like how to pivot and upscale health IT and improve future interoperability.
Investment in electronic health records has fostered productive collaboration between agencies.
Maheen Mizra with Dell Technologies
Bill Tinston tells us about advances in data analytics and electronic health records modernization
A new competition encourages ideas to validate and innovate synthetic health data to improve research in quality of care.
A data repository is bolstering the agency's overall modernization program and consolidating data efforts.
The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center addressed various cybersecurity challenges during the pandemic.
The agency has laid the foundation for stronger remote care infrastructure that will persist beyond the pandemic.
Health information consolidation is laying groundwork for public health advances
Government executives recognize that process reorganization is necessary for leveraging new technologies.
A cohesive data strategy will guide both health records modernization and improvements in lifelong care.
Cerner implementation is encouraging efficiency reforms across both VA centers and community providers.
Efforts currently underway to improve rural health care and treatment access will help support future efforts to end the pandemic.