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Federal Health IT News and Analysis

GovernmentCIO Media & Research is dedicated to covering the latest news and developments in federal health IT modernization, encompassing ongoing stories ranging from electronic health records implementation, the application of data analytics to public health quandaries, to the development of AI and machine-learning techniques in pursuit of advanced diagnostics and medical treatment. Advances in federal health IT has a wide-ranging impact on the lives of Americans, and digital modernization has continued to apply these technological advances to public health and medical services that impact the lives of millions every day.
The agency has continued to refine the modernization efforts used to support a remote workforce and the overall COVID-19 response.
The new legislation also builds on White House infrastructure goals to improve health care, drug development and more.
Dr. Neil Evans brings experience with health IT management and digital modernization to his role as VA’s tech executive.
Cloud, AI, machine learning and wearables are helping drive agencies' mission and data-driven decision-making.
The National Coordinator of Health IT updates ONC's goals and focus areas.
Efforts to address veteran feedback and reform business lines appear to be increasing overall satisfaction with VA services.
Wide-reaching funding increases are impacting services that provide essential veterans care, including mental health and coronavirus research.
Agile teaming and strategizing around data are driving success behind CMS's eMedicare initiative.
The agency's Million Veteran Program is advancing precision care and treatment for underrepresented populations.
Medical data experts argue for components behind ethical AI and data use.
Secretary McDonough said with easing demand for vaccines, the agency is preparing care for long-haul COVID patients.
FDA’s CTO takes on the new role amid Principal Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy’s departure.
Secretary McDonough and Rep. Mark Takano say the proposed bill would overhaul the agency’s infrastructure and health care facilities.
Smaller firms found plus sides of the remote environments in the competitive contracting space.
Newly appointed National Coordinator for Health IT Micky Tripathi details some of the agency's top priorities in 2021.
The agency is implementing new logistical networks and modes of distribution to ensure equitable access to vaccines.