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Health and Human Services News and Analysis

News and reporting on the latest IT modernization developments at the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS oversees some of America’s most substantial medical and health science research, and the application of new technologies to this mission has allowed for significant advances in the agency’s core mission. The U.S. federal government’s dedication to advancing public health and medical science has ensured that HHS will remain one of the forefront agencies in applying methods ranging from data analytics to artificial intelligence toward its most promising initiatives.
As agencies integrate more artificial intelligence into their operations, managing directives, policies and best practices into the process become critical.
The acting CIO shared insights into the agency's pandemic response and lessons learned so far.
Policymakers and IT leaders are looking for ways to better support an influx of Americans facing sudden unemployment and financial need.
The portal will help reimburse providers billions of dollars across the country.
The agency will provide additional financial support to rural hospitals and help enable telehealth visits for patients and providers.
The group will consolidate data and resources to research and develop COVID-19 pharmaceutical solutions.
The research will interact with participants virtually to shed light on the overall rate of infection across the country.
The agency will infuse direct payments to medical providers for COVID-19 relief.
The coronavirus pandemic is leading to an increase in cybersecurity attacks and scams.
The molecular diagnostics test is the fastest test for the novel coronavirus in the U.S.
Global health leaders are calling attention to the world's other leading infectious diseases like tuberculosis.
The solution automates and integrates sample prep, nucleic acid extraction and detection for fast results.
The agency is putting public health announcements, guidelines and facts on COVID-19 front and center.
The move is part of the national response to the coronavirus outbreak.
The pandemic sheds light on what health agencies have been developing to enable faster health-data exchanges for patients and providers.
While the attack was reportedly unsuccessful, federal cybersecurity leads encourage agencies to 'remain vigilant'.
The agency backs a system that will provide test results within three hours, while seeking other solutions.
The rules require patient health information sharing among providers for improved patient care.
The agency is implementing blockchain along with other tech to modernize the current system.
The agency released a final strategic report suggesting ways to relieve provider EHR burdens and improve care.