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Health Care

The agency's new data and technology office's director is harnessing challenges for new opportunities in public health.
Public and private cybersecurity executives spoke about the ways agencies and industry alike are increasing cybersecurity efforts to protect health care data.
VA’s Dr. Carolyn Clancy discussed the six key principles underscoring the VA’s use of AI in veteran’s health care.
Agencies are strategizing best practices for workforce and technology to help combat disparities in health care.
The list is a priority for organizations working to prevent cyberattacks in a heightened threat environment.
CMS' digital services chief sees tech as a key enabler for mission-critical services around equity, payments and recruiting.
Enjoy this free preview of our May 11th GovFocus with NAII Director Gil Alterovitz and Dr. Sameer Antani, “Federal Health Tech Leaders Combat AI Bias.”
Our group of federal leaders met to discuss how government can mitigate bias and develop better standards to deliver more equitable health care.
A new hiring strategy and evolving tech modernization is enhancing the employee and veteran experience.
The Public Health Data Strategy is one element of a robust plan at CDC to create a modern data ecosystem for managing public health emergencies.
Federal health officials from CMS and CDC are adopting USCDI standards to further public health interoperability and equity goals.
VA’s Dr. Michael Kim explains recent programs and pilots informing the future of AI in veteran health care.
The emPOWER Program uses data and AI to help protect the health of millions who depend on medical devices.
VA leadership plans to hire almost 15,000 nursing personnel over the next few years as VA continues to process PACT Act claims and deploy its new EHR system.
The agency has endeavored to modernize its electronic health records and other tech infrastructure.
2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.
The agency has stood up its systems to accommodate an influx in claims and services. Now it looks for additional workforce to fill critical roles.
VA's Undersecretary for Health discusses goals and priorities in his new role.
VA is expanding services and treatment for veterans who suffered adverse health consequences from exposure to harmful substances during tours of duty.
Digitization is key for trimming unwieldy pen-and-paper processes, improving patient care and health workers' morale.