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The opportunity focuses on digital transformation with a defined solutions architecture, with help from agile-driven companies.
Replacing repetitive tasks with automation can repurpose feds to higher-value work.
The bill creates a bug bounty program and establishes vulnerability reporting policy.
GSA's Justin Herman helps agencies navigate blockchain and and still finds time to build his own tuk-tuk.
People, processes and technology remain a cross-sector theme.
DoD looks to build artificial intelligence programs on top of new cloud program.
If so, the attack impacted 30 companies, including Amazon and Apple.
It was the first civilian federal agency to get involved with hacker-powered security in 2017.
And the genuine enthusiasm behind securing government systems.
Helping agencies understand FedRAMP.
Agencies can submit modernization project proposals, but will be competing for funds.
“America does not make itself great again when it retreats from the field of R&D.”
We spotlight the change agents and explore what it takes to drive transformation in government.
Agencies have to consider how to manage the incoming flux of virtual employees.
But do we treat them as pseudo people or IT assets?
Adoption will take time, but it'll get done.