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CISA and GSA identity management leaders unpack new playbook.
GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan called sustainability investments a "triple win."
Ken Myers explains how GSA’s new playbooks are guiding federal agencies’ identity management.
Santucci breaks down the history of the DCOI program, which sunset from the FITARA scorecard after all agencies made an "A" grade.
OMB’s new supply chain memo calls on agencies to utilize software that has been built following common cybersecurity practices.
Army, GSA and VA leaders are improving identity management to secure critical employee and customer information.
Customer-facing services like the CMS provide unique cybersecurity challenges, but the White House's Office of the National Cyber Director is providing new funding assistance.
CISA is working on steps to help federal agencies address potential supply chain vulnerabilities.
Sustainability is coming to the forefront of federal procurement and contracting.
It's critical to identify business use cases, sharpen data quality and governance, and work with end users to help improve AI adoption.
Join us for a recap of GovCIO Media & Research's first in-person event in over two years.
Agencies are supporting AI and data analytics projects through more advanced hybrid clouds.
The Office of Justice Programs leveraged zero trust strategies as a pillar to modernize its grants management system.
Two GSA efforts look for open engagement to offer innovative solutions to agency needs.
FDIC’s Brian Whittaker unpacks his efforts on key modernization projects that are ultimately improving trust in government.
A new kind of collaboration allowed to host 100 million unique digital users per hour.
The agency will provide training and resources for HBCUs to lower the bar for entry in federal contracting.
Customer experience leaders at CISA, GSA and OMB explain how they’re shifting strategies to support President Biden’s recent executive order.
GSA, NSF and VA are improving data sharing to gain near real-time insights and support cross-agency collaboration.
A new management supplement to the president's management agenda focuses on strengthening the federal workforce, improving program delivery and advancing equity.