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New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.
Federal IT leads say the strategy lets agencies ‘use the tools we have’ to modernize security.
Federal leaders emphasize the role of data in vaccine and treatment development, economic relief funding and contact tracing.
Artificial intelligence is one component the agency is hoping to streamline acquisitions and beyond.
Identity-based approach to verification moves beyond perimeters and VPNs.
CISA official says current practices are likely to become part of long-term guidance.
The former attorney discusses consolidating the multiple award schedule.
The agency aims to expand RPA use across the federal government.
Krista Kinnard discusses the group's guidance on AI and RPA while dispelling myths about the technology.
GSA's approach to managing passwords resembles shared services.
Incorporating outcome data into AI models can lead to continuous improvement.
GSA Technology Transformation Services says the guidelines encourage 'iterative, modular' website modernization.
Further streamlining of federal procurement processes is likely to come in 2020.
DOD's AI center is helping GSA implement AI across government.
The federal shared service strategy will impact government in areas such as customer service and payroll.
Officials from the VA and beyond engage the community for feedback on their most pressing IT issues.
GSA MAS Program Director Stephanie Shutt breaks down MAS Consolidation efforts and next steps.
Beth Killoran demonstrated the ability to rapidly adapt to unexpected circumstances and customer needs.
The initiative aims to accelerate IT modernization using private sector innovation and government services.
Culture and emerging tech play a large role in DevOps efforts at the agency.