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The Procurement innovation and access to digital services are some of the agency's immediate priorities.
The agency is driving adoption of emerging technologies through innovative IT contract vehicles.
The pandemic increased the need for secure, modernized and evolved solutions to expedite federal response efforts.
A NAPA report calls on OPM to leverage data analytics and modernize IT systems to support innovation in managing the federal civilian workforce.
GSA received $1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund to upgrade federal cybersecurity and IT.
Partnerships are enabling well-rounded capabilities at GAO, GSA and State.
With all the options out there, the federal government ran into unique interoperability and security issues with communication software.
Officials from CISA, GSA and NIST say information sharing will be key to managing security risks in the supply chain.
Amid the SolarWinds breach last year and reliance on strong IT infrastructure in the pandemic response, agencies may receive a big bump in IT funding.
Modular contracting can allow federal agencies to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach in software development and delivery.
The two security methods can enhance overall cybersecurity protocols.
The dashboards are only as good as the data quality and input.
Strong supplier relationships and accurate data will make or break supply chains as federal agencies modernize their IT.
Frameworks including zero trust and edge security can vastly improve government cybersecurity.
Cross-agency partnerships and remote collaboration tools are encouraging knowledge sharing and practical application.
The agencies launched a portal that streamlined the reporting process for both the public and Civil Rights Division staff.
GSA officials explained how mission-driven IT allows federal agencies to pivot more quickly during times of crisis.
CIO Gary Washington has been seen as a leader in various IT modernization initiatives, including cloud and security.
New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.
Federal IT leads say the strategy lets agencies ‘use the tools we have’ to modernize security.