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Veterans Legacy Memorial was one project resulting from a collaboration between VA and NCA.
The department has been recognized this year for successes in cloud and telework.
Integrating emerging technology to safeguard information at the VA.
Technology at NASA has many impacts beyond space exploration.
Looking ahead to the future of American health care.
The Department of Homeland Security is leading research efforts to assist, inform and prepare the public to respond to COVID-19.
BARDA DRIVe's director shares how health entrepreneurship can tackle some of the nation’s most pressing health challenges.
Standing up technology in support of FEMA's mission.
ID Technologies and CommScope are working toward connecting the Air Force to further maintenance and mission processes.
USDA is leading data initiatives across government.
The agency is tackling data center consolidation, workforce upskilling, and modernizing its network.
The agency's tech efforts impact 9.5 million beneficiaries around the world.
CIO Gary Washington has been seen as a leader in various IT modernization initiatives, including cloud and security.
Improving acquisition for Soraya Correa means enabling the agency to better serve its national security mission.
Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.
The agency's IT shop accomplished several technological advancements to support the nation and its veterans.
Artificial intelligence is one component the agency is hoping to streamline acquisitions and beyond.
Cloud-based HR solutions are especially important to maintain workforce across government during telework.
Bridging communication gaps in government with managed mobility services is a necessary priority for industry leader DMI.
AI and big data are among the tech opportunities in the agency's IT modernization.