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Leaders from the Pentagon and beyond discuss updates to developments around software factories and ongoing modernization in the Indo-Pacific region.
TAC engages the broader defense and tech community to help develop the workforce and solve cybersecurity problems.
The agency’s CIO office is bringing people, policy and technology together.
The White House executive order develops standards for safety as the need for AI innovation grows.
The agency’s venture capital funding model project has had successes in the U.S. Web Design System and
The agency’s applications leader sees opportunity for emerging technology to improve development cycles and to bridge data across the enterprise.
The health care sector is the most common target for cyber criminals.
An OMB memo and a White House fact sheet prioritize ways that Americans can best interact with agencies online.
The plan outlines how partnerships and new strategies to modernize defenses will drive cyber priorities at DOD.
The new office’s lead talks leveraging emerging technologies and best practices to speed up scientific research and innovation.
Francis O'Hearn highlights key technology strategies supporting innovation in the nation's coin production.
The Naval Center for Space Technology’s director highlights the programs and developments that are boosting Navy priorities.
Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation’s Steve Blank is teaching the next generation of innovators to move the national security establishment forward.
GovCIO Media & Research staff members pick and discuss their favorite episodes of the podcast.
Jargon can be confusing, so we gamified the vocabulary of public sector information technology and cybersecurity.
The agency’s CIO is prioritizing cloud and mobile capabilities across mission-critical processes.
The agency’s recently reorganized National Security Innovation Network bridges gaps in defense technology development with startups and academia.
Different federal agencies are grappling with the challenges and benefits of artificial intelligence.
Vice Adm. Jeffrey Trussler reflects on IT modernization progress and the changing landscape of warfare.
NOAA's technology chief discusses how open data and modern tools are improving data collection.