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Ann Dunkin's tech strategy is supporting a carbon pollution-free electricity sector by 2035.
The newly awarded Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) dovetails with other cloud efforts across the Defense Department.
Dorothy Aronson identifies culture and innovation as key components of a successful tech strategy.
With connectivity's critical role in data transfer and communication, combining wireless capabilities is critical.
John Boerstler explains how customer experience initiatives are building trust among veterans.
Kshemendra Paul discusses his tenure at VA and new role at the Department of Energy.
CIO Kurt DelBene discusses the agency's Vision 2022 and what led him to VA.
Santucci breaks down the history of the DCOI program, which sunset from the FITARA scorecard after all agencies made an "A" grade.
VA is using new capacities like artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve treatment for conditions ranging from brain cancer to TBI.
The Education Department has been overhauling its digital services for improved UX design.
The agency's deputy CIO, Dewaine Beard, talks new workforce initiatives to increase diversity and IT strategies to foster innovation.
Moving away from government-first equipment is putting the command on a necessary modernization track.
Christopher Burns developed the agency-wide vision for digital development and humanitarian assistance.
S&T priorities revolve around modernizing IT systems in a contested, congested environment.
TAK Director Ryan McLean's top priority is secure, continuous software delivery.
Cybersecurity, cloud adoption and other strides are helping the State Department enhance its mission areas.
Two GSA efforts look for open engagement to offer innovative solutions to agency needs.
SSA CIO Sean Brune eyes improved digital services and security for the nation's benefits agency.
Many challenges in any tech modernization initiative is grappling with the business perspective.
Ryan Vega breaks down real-world examples of digital tools showing the way of the future of veterans health.