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Federal leaders working on the VA, DOD electronic health records reflect on managing through change.
Federal officials modernizing the common health record are focusing on creating a joint environment for a coordinated care model.
FEHRM and DHMS PEO provide the latest updates on the federal EHR rollout and discuss next steps, aimed to enhance the patient experience.
Health IT leaders from SSA, FEHRM and VA discuss challenges and next steps for cross-government health data interoperability.
The agency is the latest to the join the interoperable single record for service members.
NOAA joins the Coast Guard, DOD and VA to provide a seamless, interoperable health care experience.
These principles can enable any organizations to develop a culture of innovation amid digital modernization efforts.
The team is now strategizing how to incorporate more data standards into the technology.
FEHRM director unpacks lessons learned from 2021 and discusses how EHR leaders will use momentum to drive successes into the new year.
Interoperability in cross-agency EHRs rely on close internal collaboration.
Hiring for a variety of skills and backgrounds will ensure the defense community has the scope of talent necessary to fully modernize and maintain its strategic edge.
Work on DOD's health care informatics platform continued during COVID-19, including preparations to implement the program in Hawaii and San Antonio.
The modernization and consolidation at Veterans Affairs and DOD appears to be aiding delivery of care, continuity of treatment and overall information security.
Health leaders at DOD and VA are working through transforming processes ahead of the new federal electronic health record.
Veterans Affairs leadership prioritizes pandemic response and considers possible shifts in electronic health record implementation.
The Coast Guard deployed the new EHR system at four pilot sites in California this month.
Bill Tinston, previously PEO DHMS program executive officer, is now the director of the FEHRM.