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Federal Workforce News and Analysis

News and analysis covering reforms in the government workforce and how federal agencies are adapting human capital around digital modernization. The implementation of new technologies has changed the way the U.S. government recruits and organizes its workforce, and has encouraged a newfound focus on drawing tech-minded talent from the private sector. This has included a focus on culture changes across major federal agencies as well, as leadership evaluates ways to make their most innovative departments more appealing to younger workers with experience in more informal private sector environments.
The effort aims to mitigate discrimination and bias in algorithm, AI and software used in hiring processes.
Government and academia are partnering to promote diversity across the cybersecurity workforce.
Federal technology leaders outline the connection between workforce and CX to improve mission outcomes.
The agency is looking to expand childcare benefits, compensation and other forms of support given to its nationwide workforce.
DOD and VA leaders unpack their workforce priorities as the technology landscape expands.
A new management supplement to the president's management agenda focuses on strengthening the federal workforce, improving program delivery and advancing equity.
Future iterations of the scorecard could include expanded cybersecurity and infrastructure categories.
The agency is releasing new guidance and tools for hiring and workforce initiatives.
The President’s Management Agenda identifies IT and data as foundational tools for mission delivery.
AI workforce experts highlight the importance of diversity and robust education development to foster a stronger AI workforce.
The IRS procurement chief is focusing on skilling and culture change for successful RPA adoption.
AFWERX is partnering with Dcode to transform tech culture.
The council discussed recent achievements around data ethics and training programs, but it's calling on industry for more input on future data goals.
The agency's VETS program has focused on applying new IT capacities and partnership with other agencies to provide additional resources for veterans.
The agency wants its workforce to be ready and trained as it integrates new technology.
New workforce initiatives at DOD and DHS aim to drive technology adoption and implementation.
As federal agencies modernize systems and processes, managing the workforce remains a crucial component to managing change.