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Federal Workforce News and Analysis

News and analysis covering reforms in the government workforce and how federal agencies are adapting human capital around digital modernization. The implementation of new technologies has changed the way the U.S. government recruits and organizes its workforce, and has encouraged a newfound focus on drawing tech-minded talent from the private sector. This has included a focus on culture changes across major federal agencies as well, as leadership evaluates ways to make their most innovative departments more appealing to younger workers with experience in more informal private sector environments.
This National Hispanic Heritage Month, leaders from FDA and VA discuss how they are prioritizing diversity efforts.
Reducing technical debt, ensuring zero trust cybersecurity across all connected systems, and developing a strong data foundation will be critical for winning future conflicts.
Women face many barriers to STEM careers, but trailblazers like CYBERCOM's Col. Candice Frost have a plan to smash those barriers.
Denis McDonough discusses how VA will prepare for additional claims from the PACT Act after the bill is signed into law Wednesday.
The agency's deputy CIO, Dewaine Beard, talks new workforce initiatives to increase diversity and IT strategies to foster innovation.
The Navy and NSA believe collaborative public-private partnership and training will significantly boost overall cybersecurity posture.
The foundation’s new Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships Directorate is investing in innovation across America.
Our second Women Tech Leaders event highlighted agency priorities led by women and discussed ways for women to get involved in government.
Critics worry AI will exacerbate disparities, but some federal AI officials believe the technology can identify biases and promote equity and fairness.
It's critical to identify business use cases, sharpen data quality and governance, and work with end users to help improve AI adoption.
Identity and automation are supporting military personnel amid zero trust architecture implementation, but a skilled workforce is still needed.
The Army is embracing data literacy training to empower personnel to leverage data.
The effort aims to mitigate discrimination and bias in algorithm, AI and software used in hiring processes.
Federal health IT leaders highlight how training the workforce, recognizing business needs and building trust are key for successful data modernization.
Government and academia are partnering to promote diversity across the cybersecurity workforce.
Federal technology leaders outline the connection between workforce and CX to improve mission outcomes.
The agency is looking to expand childcare benefits, compensation and other forms of support given to its nationwide workforce.
DOD and VA leaders unpack their workforce priorities as the technology landscape expands.