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Federal Workforce News and Analysis

News and analysis covering reforms in the government workforce and how federal agencies are adapting human capital around digital modernization. The implementation of new technologies has changed the way the U.S. government recruits and organizes its workforce, and has encouraged a newfound focus on drawing tech-minded talent from the private sector. This has included a focus on culture changes across major federal agencies as well, as leadership evaluates ways to make their most innovative departments more appealing to younger workers with experience in more informal private sector environments.
Shifting working environments and mandates across the federal government presents unique challenges and opportunities for women.
Here are the technology programs and initiatives that could see impacts by a lapse in funding.
Technology leaders across government gathered to discuss top IT modernization priorities during DOL’s Federal Tech Day, which included AI and cybersecurity.
Leaders from the Army and VA outline how they’re modernizing their IT systems to streamline talent management.
The Department of Education is making skills-based hiring a priority to address tech workforce needs in and outside government.
A lot of innovative work happens within the federal government, but it struggles with its messaging to attract the talent it needs.
Creating a path that will lead to success and retention in technology can help women succeed, especially in a technological world.
Labor leadership outlines the benefits of registered apprenticeship programs for traditional underserved populations.
Federal agencies are increasing pay, diversifying talent and developing policies to create a world-class federal tech workforce.
Agencies are turning to programs that incorporate personas and mission-specific applications to get their workforce trained on data operations.
The agency is making progress in hiring and developing new scheduling tools.
Future Marines need to know how to shoot, move, communicate and code, according to software leaders at the Marine Corps.
Federal leaders highlight challenges to getting more women into government and how to foster a strong work culture where women can flourish.
Agencies are bolstering workforce training and zero trust to secure the hybrid workplace.
Faced with the future of hybrid work, government is focused on uniting people and technology.
VA leadership plans to hire almost 15,000 nursing personnel over the next few years as VA continues to process PACT Act claims and deploy its new EHR system.
Federal agencies executing DEIA strategies in support of White House executive order 14035 reported improved morale and detailed plans to bolster workforce recruitment.
2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.
The agency is embracing new strategies to navigate an evolving talent, training and recruiting environment.
FDA published its Cybersecurity Modernization Plan, the fifth "MAP" in a years-long effort that began in 2019.