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Federal Government Telework News and Analysis

News and analysis covering telework and remote work policies across the U.S. the public sector. Increasing digital modernization across federal agencies has enabled a growing volume of the federal workforce to opt for partial or complete remote work, a degree of flexibility that has been embraced by employees looking to avoid long commutes or difficult travel. This has required a newfound focus on both policies and IT to support federal telework, with agency leadership looking to reform IT systems, cybersecurity and even agency culture to better facilitate remote employment. Enabling federal telework has been a particularly vital priority in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, especially as a way of maintaining productivity during periods of quarantine.
The directorate's IT modernization efforts are still on schedule despite challenges amid the pandemic.
The pandemic has changed the way federal organizations think about DevOps and adaptability.
Federal officials advised agencies to rethink their cybersecurity strategies in terms of data and disinformation.
Senior federal officials urge colleagues to adopt a human-centric approach to security.
Defense agencies tackled intricate cybersecurity challenges to prepare for remote work.
A cohesive IT framework is foundational for supporting a return to on-site activity.
The demands of a remote workforce have put renewed emphasis on instating zero trust and secure cloud access.
Recently implemented telework measures are allowing the agency to focus on the Cerner transition despite challenges in pandemic.
The agency has accelerated and reinforced various modernization efforts like telehealth, mobile capabilities and self-service tools.
Agency leadership is accelerating work on cloud adoption and remote information management to meet new challenges presented during the pandemic.
Cloud-based HR solutions are especially important to maintain workforce across government during telework.
CISA official says current practices are likely to become part of long-term guidance.
Bridging communication gaps in government with managed mobility services is a necessary priority for industry leader DMI.
The pandemic has pushed mass reliance on technology across America, revealing the need for heightened and continued IT modernization efforts
Vulnerabilities lead to questions about home networks and "bring-your-own-device" policies.
One month on, mobile device security and video-teleconferencing platforms enter the spotlight.
The bill supports IT modernization, telehealth, telework and security as the country combats the coronavirus pandemic.
A directive advises agencies to increase use of their technologies, including collaborative tools.
Legislation for remote voting is gaining traction amid a global pandemic.
As agencies prepare for mass telework, clear communication and an eye on security will minimize stress on employees.