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Federal agencies have refined their cybersecurity practices to adapt to both newfound threats and the broad shift to remote work.
CDO Ram Iyer noted FDA’s data progress preparing for emerging technologies since the launch of its roadmap in March 2021.
Agility is helping the agency’s regulatory processes to expedite application submission and review.
Leaders at the Center for Tobacco Products outline new research findings for tobacco and cannabis use, following the onset of COVID-19.
FDA’s acting commissioner emphasizes the importance of IT infrastructure modernization to improve speed and quality of operations.
Cloud, AI, machine learning and wearables are helping drive agencies' mission and data-driven decision-making.
Cybersecurity leaders discuss how the agency is implementing new cyber controls to protect medical device integrity.
HHS’ at-home and self-testing services could help the public maintain health safety amid reopening plans.
FDA leaders are experimenting on new programs that innovate how technology facilitates the review and approval of new drugs.
A new tool shows promise in increasing success rates of detecting cancer, and a new data strategy shows promise for future medical devices.
The office’s director explains how it has leveraged new practices to quickly review and approve treatments amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The program is providing opportunities for innovators to bring transformational processes and emerging technology to government agencies.
FDA’s CTO takes on the new role amid Principal Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy’s departure.
The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System quickly detected and alerted federal health agencies on the potentially fatal effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
FDA is tackling security measures for the health technologies it regulates.
Various modernization initiatives to improve public health have pivoted as a result of the pandemic.
Efforts to secure the supply chain will receive additional attention under new presidential priorities.
Agencies officials discuss the progress and opportunities in areas like data, security, AI, IOT and workforce.
The three-pronged action plan around data use, practices and talent looks for a scalable model toward modernization.
With AI and software increasingly becoming embedded in hardware, security is evermore essential.