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The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System quickly detected and alerted federal health agencies on the potentially fatal effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
FDA is tackling security measures for the health technologies it regulates.
Various modernization initiatives to improve public health have pivoted as a result of the pandemic.
Efforts to secure the supply chain will receive additional attention under new presidential priorities.
Agencies officials discuss the progress and opportunities in areas like data, security, AI, IOT and workforce.
The three-pronged action plan around data use, practices and talent looks for a scalable model toward modernization.
With AI and software increasingly becoming embedded in hardware, security is evermore essential.
Leaders behind the first COVID-19 vaccine to receive FDA emergency use authorization highlight the role of technology in the quick development of the candidate.
HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.
FDA's post-surveillance methods ensure the continued safety of a vaccine through the collection and monitoring of health data.
The last thing federal agencies, especially health agencies, should do is allow their cyber vigilance to slip.
FDA is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accelerate scientific and regulatory decisions.
The agency is updating its guidance around vaccine authorization and will require investments in technology for its distribution.
NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.